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04th Jul 2017

The colour of this Nike gear is dividing opinion in a way not seen since ‘The Dress’

Blue and grey? Or pink and white?

Conor Heneghan

It’s like 2015 all over again.

It’s been a couple of years since something as simple as the colour of a dress was the cause of serious division on the Internet, so it might not be something that immediately rings a bell.

If that is the case, allow us to refresh your memory.

In February 2015, a picture of a fairly ordinary-looking dress went mega-viral due to the fact that people couldn’t decide whether it was blue or black and white and gold.

It was eventually determined by the retailer, Roman Originals, to be blue and black, but such was the weight of debate about why some may have thought it was white and gold – with explanations involving everything from light to the way the brain perceives colour – that it merited its own pretty extensive Wikipedia page.

This week, a similar debate has arisen over the colour of a number of items of Nike sportswear, although that debate has some way to go to reach the level of hysteria that greeted the dress two years ago.

In this case, some think that the gear below is blue and grey (an assessment we’d be inclined to agree with), while others, including Rachel Stewart, one of the many to post the photo on social media, seem to think the gear is pink and white.

How some people see pink and white we’re not exactly sure, but then again, this is the Internet, where people will argue over absolutely anything, even when strong evidence to the contrary is literally staring them in the face.

It’s blue and grey though, right? Right?