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18th Aug 2015

New survey reveals British men’s biggest regrets

Kevin Beirne

A survey of British men and women has revealed the most common regrets Brits have from their youth.

Participants – who were all aged 26 or older – were asked to look back at their lives between the ages of 18 and 25 and determine their biggest regret from this time.


Almost one third of men (32%) said they regretted getting a tattoo while 28% of women identified a one-night stand as the thing they wish they could change, following a survey conducted by

Of the men who said they regretted a tattoo, 24% described their embarrassing ink as ‘tribal’ while 23% had unsurprisingly developed second thoughts about one they had gotten as a joke.

Almost a quarter of men (24%) said they regretted previous drug use, while 31% admitted feeling guilty over things they had done when drunk.


Only one regret popped up in both groups, as 12% of men and 18% of women felt that they had a child before they were ready.

The top 5 for men was:

  1. Having a tattoo done – 32%
  2. Behaviour whilst under the influence of alcohol – 31%
  3. Drug use – 24%
  4. Sustaining sporting injuries – 16%
  5. Having children too young / before I was ready – 12%

While the top 5 regrets for women were:

  1. Sexual encounters and/or one-night stands – 28%
  2. Not learning to drive – 25%
  3. Broken friendships – 23%
  4. Having children too young / before I was ready – 18%
  5. Having a tattoo done – 14%