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20th Jul 2018

The new adidas Predator boots have been leaked and they’re inspired by a classic design

Paul Moore

What ya reckon?

Remember the urban myth that was doing the rounds when the first Predator boot were released? The one that claimed those leather grips/ridges/indentations at the tip of the boot somehow made your shots more powerful? Yeah, that was a bit weird.

Aside from this, there was always someone who also swore blind that the Adidas Predator Mania, released in time for the 2002 World Cup, were able to give you more curve on a ball.

Mad, but what a boot those bad boys were.

Regardless of what you choose to belief, there’s one thing that’s a fact. Predator boots will always look better when they’re black with a tinge of red.

Well, the incredibly reputable site Footy Headlines have got their hands on the first leaked images of the new Predator boots and it’s clear that they’re inspired by the classic designs.

Part of the Adidas Team Mode pack, the classic Predator colourway is set to be released in August 2018 with the iconic black, red and white Adidas Predator look.

For boot nerds, here are some of the design details.

  • adidas Primeknit upper
  • Stretchy Sockfit collar with Adidas Primeknit
  • Controlskin upper texture
  • Molded heel offers a snug fit
  • Integrated forged knit midfoot design features zoned areas of support
  • Boost cushioning in midsole and sockliner

The boots are expected to cost €330 and keep an eye on the official adidas store for more details.

Here’s what they look like.