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07th Aug 2017

Mum thought she found daughter’s sex toy in dishwasher, but all was not as it seemed

You couldn't blame her for being surprised

Rich Cooper

Who grew up without a single awkward encounter with their parents? Raise your hands.

Okay, so that’s… almost no one.

Your teenage years are bursting with awkward moments. It’s just part of growing up, and unfortunately has a habit of springing back into your mind many years later: “Ahh, head on the pillow, time to get some slee- Remember the time your dick got caught in the zipper? Everyone remembers. Literally everyone. Goodnight.”

However, it’s not always the kid who’s on the receiving end of the awkwardness; sometimes it’s the parents, as a recent Reddit post brought to light.

Picture the scene: you’re unloading the dishwasher and one of these is sitting in it:

You might think to yourself: hmm, that looks a bit like a dildo. A giant, terrifying, dildo.

That’s exactly what happened to an unfortunate young woman, whose water bottle had shrunk in the dishwasher. Her mother’s response? To hand it to her daughter (wrapped in a towel, no less) asking her what she’d put in wash.

Let that be a lesson, folks: don’t put things that have the potential to be warped into the shape of a dildo into a machine that has the power to warp said thing into the shape of a dildo.