More than six in 10 Brits want smoking banned in pub gardens, survey finds 1 year ago

More than six in 10 Brits want smoking banned in pub gardens, survey finds

Smoking attitudes are no longer all smoke and mirrors

A recent survey has revealed that six out of ten UK residents want legislation to ban vapes and smoking in beer gardens. Could this be the end of Cigarette and cider Sundays? Are we finally saying goodbye to social smoking as a whole?


Attitudes towards smokers

The survey was conducted by Swedish Match, a company that produces tobacco-free nicotine products. The study of 2,000 people also revealed that three-quarters of people believe that vapers and smokers should ask non-smokers for permission before they spark up. Forty-five per cent of participants would outright ask people too not to smoke around them, with London residents more confident than any other region.

People felt "empowered" and "justified" at telling smokers no, but fifty-eight per cent of people will move seats or move away entirely  as they are unable to bear the smell.


Around kids

Just over six in 10 parents ask friends and family who smoke or vape near their children to stop, but practically a third keep them away from smokers completely.

Nearly half of parents said they do not smoke around their kids. What is most concerning is that it also means over half do smoke around their kids. However, Sixty-two per cent of smokers admitted to smoking around the kids of friends or family, which means that around twenty per cent of parents who don't smoke around their own kids will do it around others.

When people move children away from smokers, the survey found that one in five people feel embarrassed. Strangely seventeen per cent of smokers feel offended, while a further eleven per cent feel anger.


The Smoking perspective

Even smokers have opinions, and the survey also gauged their reaction to how smoking is perceived and how they take into account the feelings of non-smokers. Eighter per cent of smokers said they have sparked up around non-smokers, but contrastingly, seventy per cent always ask first. So to the ten per cent out there, let's be considerate.