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21st Dec 2015

Men spent more time cleaning than having sex in 2015…


We’re just days away from 2016 and we can’t help but wonder where the year has gone.

Sure, we remember big points like starting a new job or meeting a new partner, but 99% of your life is made up of low-key moments like getting to work or simply just sleeping.

So how much time do we spend on these unremarkable events? Well, it turns out a lot.

According to data compiled by WatchStop, British men spent more time cleaning in 2015 than they did having sex.

The average man got down and dirty for a total of three days, compared to four days of cleaning up after themselves.

It gets even worse when you consider we spent around 24 days’ worth of time commuting, so it’s no surprise that we went drinking for a total of eight days.

Our seven days of exercising meant we needed to be well-rested, but men could only average about 80 days of sleep. That may sound like a lot, but works out at roughly 5 hours and 20 minutes of sleep a day over the space of a full year.

It’s no wonder that we couldn’t think of anything better to talk about than the weather for 12 full days of 2015.