Medical professionals say there are three things to avoid after sex 3 years ago

Medical professionals say there are three things to avoid after sex

The more you know...

It is important to look after your reproductive health and be aware of the things that can cause vaginal infections.

What you do before and after sex can obviously have an impact on your vaginal health so it's important to know how to prevent such issues.

Experts have revealed that there are some things you should never do after sex in order to prevent vaginal infections.

Don't wash your 'private' area. 

It's fair to say that you get a bit sweaty during the act but if your natural instinct is to hop into the shower, Kansas-based gynaecologist Leslie E. F. Page advises that you avoid it.

"When the vaginal tissues have been lubricated, swollen, and rubbed against during intercourse, it changes how that tissue reacts to the environment," Kansas-based gynaecologist Leslie E. F. Page, M.D. told Women's Health. "Primarily, you run a much greater risk of infection."

"The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and needs to be treated very, very gently—if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t put it in or around your vagina," Leslie said.

Don't forget to pee. 

Some people instantly feel like they need to while others don't even think about it, but peeing after sex is probably something you've heard before.

And the experts say it's pretty important.

"[Sex] can result in post-intercourse bladder infections," Robert Wool, M.D told the Star.

Peeing can help flush out any bacteria and if you're enjoying cuddling or relaxing on the bed after the act, don't worry about rushing to the loo as you just have to do it within an hour of sex.

Don't take a bath with your other half.

It might seem romantic and something you've definitely seen in a rom-com but it turns out it's pretty risky.

"When your vulva swells in response to sexual stimulation, it reveals the opening of the vagina, which means you have a greater chance of infection," said Leslie.

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