McDonald's Monopoly returning this summer 1 year ago

McDonald's Monopoly returning this summer

Get ready to fill your wallet with endless little stickers that you'll still be finding years later

That's right, everyone's favourite game they play for a couple of weeks until they get a free McFlurry, McDonald's Monopoly is back!


According to their official Twitter account, it comes back just in time for the pubs opening and everyone to get a late-night Maccies on the way home.


For anyone that has never gone out of their way to eat more Maccies in a month than necessary, simply for the chance to the occasional free item, it's pretty straightforward.

You buy any of the selected food and drinks on McDonald's set Monopoly menu (usually as a meal) and your order will come with little black stickers attached, sometimes multiple stickers. Removing them reveals a particular space on a Monopoly board (Old Kent Road, Park Lane, Mayfair etc.) which corresponds to a prize.

Here's the kicker though: while you can get instant wins from the McDonald's menu, the big prizes of - games consoles, Mini Coopers and even full-on holidays - you have to collect multiples of the same sticker/location to win them.

While most have never won one of the big prizes (McRibs will sooner fly), you are in with a half-decent chance of winning some variety of free food. The anticipation as you peel back that sticker, oof - it's pretty riveting, must admit.


The legendary collaboration began in 2005 and has helped fill McDonald's restaurants even more so than usual ever since. Well, except for in 2020 - something about a global pandemic?

Social media lit up in what can only be described as tempered excitement, as some people celebrated it like a World Cup winner, while others remember nobody wins shit on McDonald's Monopoly. Apple pies for days though.

All in all, who doesn't love free stuff? A lot of lockdown bods are about to be ruined or, equally, sent into further decline when the game returns this summer, and we're all for it.