McDonald's adds another string to its self-service bow 6 years ago

McDonald's adds another string to its self-service bow

We've already seen an increase in McDonald's branches which let you place your order on a touchscreen.

And now another futuristic addition could be winging its way to the fast food chain. And by 'futuristic', we mean 'something which already exists in offices and supermarkets around the country'.


Guessed it yet? No? It's self-service coffee.

20th Century Fox/Tumblr

Eater reports that customers at a Chicago branch of McDonald's encountered the machine, which allows diners to choose from a range of customisable hot drinks.

On the menu screen are lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more, with the option of skinnier alternatives to full fat milk.

It looks like the self-serve option is only available in the United States as things stand, but there's no reason why branches in the UK can't do the same in the future.

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