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04th Jan 2017

Some absolute hero managed to get a full refund on a shirt bought 17 years ago


Alan Loughnane

In fairness, they have a point…

We all know how it goes when you’re buying something, it fits great in the shop and you make the snap decision that you need this item in your life.

But you look at it at home, and it doesn’t quite fit the way you remember it…

This isn’t a big deal, you usually have 28 days, or in some cases 45 to return the item and receive your money back, provided you have all the necessary receipts and the clothes are not soiled in any way.

After that time passes, you’re usually stuck with the item you bought.

But not this chancer who managed to secure himself a refund in Gap for a shirt he purchased there… in 2000.

Yes, 17 years ago.

We have some flared jeans at home which we plan to bring back and receive the refund we rightly deserve… there’s precedent after all.