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15th Apr 2016

Guy claims to have ordered a yak online after taking dodgy sleeping pill

Is there an instruction manual?

Matt Tate

Sleeping pill manufacturers might want to consider adding the warning “could potentially cause the subconscious purchase of a cow” to their listed side effects.

While we doubt they actually will, if a recent Imgur upload is to be believed, then they should probably at least consider it.

This looks like total bullsh*t to us, but here goes anyway: a “friend of a friend” of a Reddit user apparently took some sleeping pills that failed to have their desired effect.

Instead of sending him to a blissful sleep, they apparently prompted him to walk to his computer and very nearly commit to a $3,000 (£2,388) transaction that would leave him one yak up on all of his mates.

Proof, you ask?

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We hope that this story finally gets YAKS N THINGS the attention they deserve. That’s got to be a pretty niche market.

Cynical as we are about the story, at least the order slip looks legit enough. And damn, yaks don’t come cheap do they?

The friend later posted to say that the sale had been cancelled before payment was taken, meaning no yaks showed up at the front door, apparently explaining on his Facebook:

“Oh, I’m sure you would’ve all liked for me to just let them deliver it, but a) My apartment complex would boot my ass on to the street. The only thing worse than being homeless is being a homeless yak owner. b) My beagle Lucy would lose her motherf**king mind. c) I’m an astrophysicist, not Baron Moneybags Von Richf**k so I can’t just spend $3,000 on a yak to amuse the Internet.”

He’s not wrong about any of that, to be honest. But if we were him, and this is in any way true, we’d think about an immediate change of pharmacist.