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16th Mar 2018

Man submits hilarious rap video instead of cover letter for huge job at Sprite

"Hi, you've probably never heard of me. My name is Chase and I really like to murder briefs"

Kyle Picknell

Want your dream job? Spit some bars.

A man, who I can only describe as a complete and utter genius, has submitted a rap video in his job application for a copywriting job for Sprite at Wieden + Kennedy. Which, it goes without saying, is pretty huge. The brand is the third biggest selling soft-drink in the world and have an endorsement deal with Lebron James, the biggest athlete in America, no less.

Chase Zreet (great name btw), originally from Texas, decided to go for the highly sought-after New York post in his own unique way after the rap just came to him and “wouldn’t shut up”. Safe to say, it was a very bold move.

The video, which he films on a hover board, is what I imagine it’d be like if Macklemore starred in a Wes Anderson film.

Undoubtedly though, Chase has bars: “See I got the best lines/Call me Narcos/And I move the most, skills/Call me barcodes/My copy will have bottles flying off the shelves/You’d think lemon lime was a holy grail”.

Flames. Pure, cool, refreshing, flames.

W+K creative director Jimm Lesser had good things to say after receiving the video, telling Adfreak: “There’s too much emphasis put on portfolios, and not enough on the creative enthusiasm of a candidate. We like it when candidates want to be at W+K for a variety of reasons, even beyond our work. All the better [sic] when they use their unique talents to demonstrate this. Chase made a great ad about himself.”

Chase took a massive gamble on something that, deep down, he probably didn’t actually think would land him the job.

It did. He starts next month.