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25th Aug 2015

Man pulls romantic prank on girlfriend after she asks for flowers…

Not exactly what she was expecting...


When it comes to displays of affection, there’s nothing worse than a half-baked attempt that fails to rise to the romantic occasion.

Paige-Ellen Williams has just made her own slice of internet fame, though, after giving her boyfriend Richard Selway a hint that she would love some flowers delivered to her house.

Like any caring boyfriend, Richard took this advice from the love of his life on board but not without managing to put a unique twist on the request.

Rather than send an expensive bunch of roses, he had 12 bags of flour personally delivered to her door.

This incredibly romantic gesture that whisked Paige-Ellen off her feet has since been posted on the Facebook page of Tesco and it’s gone viral.

Take a look at the proof that weird-doughs (sorry) really are the most romantic people in the world. That’s how they roll.

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