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04th Mar 2017

Man proposes to his girlfriend in incredibly romantic fashion, throws up immediately afterwards

Conor Heneghan

At least it’ll be a story to tell during the speeches on the big day.

Understandably given the life-changing significance of the moment, a lot of people put in an awful lot of effort when popping the big question to their significant other.

The hope is that all the little details will fall into place and everything will go to plan when the moment arrives and that, obviously, he or she will say ‘yes’.

But sometimes it doesn’t always work out quite as you expected.

Journalist Darrell Hamilton Junior had planned the perfect proposal to his girlfriend, Rheanna Faye, last month, taking her on a romantic helicopter ride over Reedley in California, where the helicopter was to fly over a sign that Darrell had made especially for her.

All was going to plan until Darrell began to get a little motion sickness and started to feel queasy, resulting in him having to get sick at the most inopportune time of all.


Still, at the end of it all, after nursing him back to health, she said ‘yes’ and even had no problem kissing the hand that moments earlier was being used for an entirely different purpose.

She’s a keeper alright.