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16th Jan 2024

Man forced to spend £120 on mozzarella sticks and water after friends insist on splitting the bill

Nina McLaughlin

He might as well have had the lobster

A man has been left furious after his group of friends insisted on splitting the bill for their dinner, despite him having only ordered a water and mozzarella sticks.

Steve Guarino shared his tale on TikTok while he was walking home.

“POV taking your broke a** home after your friends split the check evenly even though I got mozz sticks and they got the lobster,” the TikToker said as he trudged through the snow.

“Couldn’t afford the uber cuz of the $150 water and mozz sticks,” he wrote in the video’s caption.

Over the video, he played a clip of Fergie’s song ‘Glamorous’, particularly the lines: “If you ain’t got no money then take yo’ broke a** home.”


Couldnt afford the uber cuz of the $150 water and mozz sticks

♬ Glamorous – Fergie

Although not everyone would rush to make a video about their friends’ selfish behaviour right away, it seems that lots of people have faced similar experiences to Guarino.

“I skipped a dinner tonight because I don’t drink and I’m not chipping in for Tina’s 5th margarita,” one person wrote in the comments section.

Another put: “Facts! I don’t drink… why are we splitting the bill evenly.”

“Normalise not feeling bad about paying only for what you ordered,” a third said.

“That’s honestly so nice of you. Would you like to meet me for drinks,” a fourth joked.

While a fifth commented: “I would’ve said nope, I’m paying for my water and mozz sticks and tipping on that, here ya go, here’s my portion of the bill.”

However, others admitted their friend group always splits the bill evenly.

“It’s if the true homies/family I’ll subsidise their meal,” one person said.

A second wrote: “Well that means you eat what you want if you gonna split the bill.”