Man CC'd into job HR rejection email by mistake - and it's heartbreaking 3 months ago

Man CC'd into job HR rejection email by mistake - and it's heartbreaking

Taking break up texts to a whole new level

A TikToker has revealed the awkward moment where he was accidentally copied into a HR email explaining exactly why he didn't get the job he was applying for.


You know that CC/BCC anxiety you get when sending literally any email to more than one person? Well, imagine if that fear became an actual reality that crushed one poor man's dreams? This is exactly what happened to Alexander, who goes by the name @noveltygay on TikTok.

He was the latest victim of the evil CC email tool that caused him to see exactly why he was rejected for a job - when he wasn't actually meant to see it.

Taking to TikTok, Alexander shared a hilarious video showing the cringey moment he received the email.


The video, which showed the social media creator dubbed onto a screenshot of the email, read: "yeah breakups hurt and and stuff but have y'all ever been CC'd on hr emails talking about why they don't want to hire you?"

The screenshot of the email showed a sentence written by the managing which said: "Well that's interesting ok so let's reject him..."

Not ideal.

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Alexander's video went viral, so he made another TikTok explaining the full situation. Basically, he said he'd applied for the company three times - in April 2021, in December 2021 and three weeks prior to making the video.

The TikToker said that in the accidental email, his potential employers had said they chose not to hire him as he failed to show up for an interview back in December.

“They had supposedly sent me an interview time for this company, I had never gotten it," he explained.

“I applied again later on and this email proved to me that they had thought they sent me interview times and they had not. It was not my fault I didn’t show up for the interview.”

Alexander said this response was a "trigger" because he never would have done a “no call, no show” for a job interview. He was, after all, "knocked on my a** broke as s***", as he said in his TikTok.

So, how did he reply to this unwanted email?

"Ouch." Yikes.

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Alexander said he then sent another email to the HR team to let them know he had tried to set up an interview in December but never received a response.

Ending the video, the TikToker said he is a "good" employee who has trained with "national certified baristas" and wouldn't want to work with such a "disorganised" company anyway.

That's them told.

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