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12th Aug 2015

Mad professor? Well, he’s grown an ear on his arm

Are you hearing this...


It’s fair to say this professor has given himself a right earful.

Joke aside, this is the latest work of Perth-based scientist Stelarc, who has grabbed headlines on Australian TV with his body modifying project.

Stelarc updated the media on the process of growing and ear in his left forearm, which he wants to eventually insert a transmitter so his extra ear will be able to hear and record the noises.


In 2007, he underwent surgery to have a cell-cultivated ear surgically attached to his left arm.

On his website, he explains: “By injecting saline solution into a subcutaneous port, the kidney-shaped silicon implant stretched the skin, forming a pocket of excess skin that could be used in surgically constructing the ear”.

Someone needs to keep a close eye on him, who nose where he’ll end up…

H/T Shortlist magazine