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20th Aug 2015

London is about to get the coolest swimming pool ever

Kevin Beirne

For all the amazing things London offers, you still feel cheated when you can’t just take a dip in the Thames in those hot summer months.

You can always pop by the gym for a dip in the pool, but where’s the excitement in that?

Well as luck would have it, an Irish company has
announced plans to connect two of their new south bank apartment buildings with a floating swimming pool.

The 4ft-deep pool will be reinforced by eight inches of glass and allow swimmers to literally look down on the rest of London from ten storeys high.

While this will probably be the coolest thing ever built, good luck getting into it.

Apartments in the Nine Elms complex are, of course, outrageously exclusive – with the cheapest coming at the prohibitive price of £600,000.