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08th Jun 2017

Let’s take a break from the election and enjoy watching a hedgehog rush another hedgehog

We can't stop watching this - it gets better every time

Rich Cooper

Yes, there is an election on, but despite all the sniping and pot-shots, the most brutal attack during the campaign came from a hedgehog.

Shown on BBC’s Springwatch, we have a short video of a hedgehog drinking out of a bowl. Then, just behind the spiny wee mammal, another pair of bright shining eyes appears – it’s another hedgehog.

It creeps forward slowly, and we all know what’s about to come, but when it does – pow. POW!

Check it out.

By the time you read this you’ll probably have looped through the video a good eight or nine times. Keep watching it, because it gets better with every loop.

I guess the first guy was… hogging the bowl. The second wasn’t willing to… hedge their bets, and instead went straight for the bowl.

That’s it. I’m out of hedgehog puns. Just enjoy the video.