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29th Jan 2016

Latest Tinder update is good news if you struggle with an opening line

The gift that keeps on giving


Tinder is a great tool for anyone looking to meet someone new, but sometimes it can be hard figuring out what to say.

Your day was fine, and thanks. Yes, you did go to that local school. No, you don’t remember their mate but you’d probably recognise them if you saw them out… You get the picture.

But if a picture can speak a thousand words, then a gif must be an essay.

At least that’s what Tinder seem to be thinking with their most recent update.

Perhaps your charm offensive includes swaying your potential date with a fluffy puppy or making them laugh over Keyboard Cat?

We won’t judge.

However you choose to use it, this should help take the pressure off those initial opening conversations… and maybe even let your true love blossom.