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05th Jan 2016

Kid hatches plan to convince parents that the school holidays have been extended

If only it were this simple...

Simon Lloyd

Getting back into a routine after the Christmas holidays can be challenging enough as an adult, but it’s no easier for kids.

Just as many of us dread heading back to the office, children everywhere aren’t keen on the idea of returning to the classroom.

In a bid to spend one more week at home, one child has gone to extra lengths to try and convince her parents that the Christmas holiday had been extended by a week.

According to a post on Reddit, 7-year-old Cara helped her parents by collecting the mail on Sunday (regardless of the fact that no letters are delivered that day).

Miraculously, there was a letter – informing her parents that school wouldn’t be reopening for another week.

Although Cara’s plan almost certainly failed, we can’t help but admire her attempts to prolong her Christmas break.

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