JOE's 10 Christmas gift ideas that you'll want to keep for yourself 4 years ago

JOE's 10 Christmas gift ideas that you'll want to keep for yourself

The run up to the festive period is well under way, so it's time to drop some big clanging hints about what you want for Crimbo.

We've put together a list of pressies that we'd love to find under the tree come December 25th. You can either use it as inspiration for gifts to buy your nearest and dearest, or just leave your laptop strategically open for your other half to get the message.

Who: Savile Rogue

What: Football scarves (£40-£96)

Why: This is top end football gear that not only adheres to traditional sensibilities, but is made of the finest cashmere wool. They're a little dearer than the kind of thing flogged by swagmen at the ground, but this is a luxurious product that looks f**king ace.

Who: Stanley Chow

What: Art prints (£10-£55)

Why: Stanley Chow is a world-renowned artist whose style is an iconic as the subjects of his work. There is an elegant simplicity to his designs that add a touch of class and personality to your living room. His range of work is like a who's-who of sport, film, music and fashion.

Image of Pirlo (Juve)

Who: TRNDlabs

What: SKEYE Nano Drone (£33)

Why: The SKEYE Nano is the smallest quadcopter in the world at just 1.5 inches square. It's a cracking little gadget that's remote-controlled and can be charged via USB. We were sceptical at first, especially at the price, but it handles brilliantly and is loads of fun.

Who: A Large Evil Corporation

What: Vinyl Idolz (£17)

Why: In case you didn't know, A Large Evil Corporation (who are nothing of the sort) create quite brilliant caricatures of famous characters from TV and film. These are now available as actual vinyl figures that are beautifully faithful to the original designs.

Who: Limmy

What: Daft Wee Stories (£10)

Why: You probably know the brilliantly funny Brian Limond, or Limmy, from his comedy show or social media. Well his collection of short stories are bloody brilliant. They're as caustic and dark as you'd expect, but also poignant and often quite touching.

Who: ThinkGeek

What: Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker (£26)

Why: The closer we get to Christmas, the more hype and excitement we'll see building up around Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And what better way to get in the Jedi spirit than through the medium of shaped sugary goodness in waffle form.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Who: Star Wars

What: Sphero BB-8 (£130)

Why: Speaking of the Force Awakens, this little chap who looks like an Adidas Tango come to life will be one of the stars of the show. You'll have noticed the BB-8 droid's distinctive roller-ball movements in the trailers - this is a superb working replica.

Who: Head

What: Monte Carlo holdall (£35)

Why: For blokes of a certain age, this was the ball of their childhood. Despite being a holdall, the style was to lump around over your shoulder because you were oh so cool. And of course there was detachable section for your PE kit. Retrotastic.

Who: adidas

What: OG Germany Crew Sweatshirt (£70)

Why: On a similarly retro theme, there are few more stylish and instantly recognisable football kit designs than the 1990 West Germany motif. Adidas Originals have brought out this beauty in sweatshirt form, and any fan of Klopp/Schweinsteiger/Ozil would approve.

Who: Sony

What: MDR-1A Prestige Overhead Headphones (£125)

Why: There's plenty of headphones out there that do a cracking job, and so which one you plump for is a matter of personal taste. We chose the MDR-1A's because they excel not only in terms of sound quality, but comfort too. Plus they look quite smart compared to daft multicoloured competitors.