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10th Apr 2015

Jermain Defoe’s appearance at WWE in Newcastle was a bad idea

I was saying boo-urns...


If their plan was to troll Newcastle fans, then his appearance was a roaring success.

WWE has been doing a Spring tour this side of the Atlantic and so far it’s been drumming up a lot of excitement.

To help fans get amped up for the high-octane choreography and dramatic storylines, they have been wheeling out celebrities to do guest appearances at the events.

When the WWE’s motley crew headed to the Metro Arena in Newcastle, they decided that Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe would be the perfect guest of honour to pump up the crowd.

Defoe was met with a wall of boos as he walked out towards the crow at the show, which is unsurprising considering that his golazo was the decider in the Tyne-Wear derby at the weekend,

The WWE described the reception the English striker got from the crowd as “mixed”, which is definitely the nicer way of putting it.

This article originally appeared on SportsJoe.