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04th Sep 2015

Italian actress attempts the splits live on TV – and it goes horribly wrong (Video)

Not for the faint-hearted...


Jumping in the air, splitting your legs before coming crashing down onto your crotch is always a risky business, especially in five-inch stilettos and on live telly.

Eventually, if you keep attempting it, you enter into a game of Russian roulette and then there’s a strong chance there’ll be a time when it doesn’t work out.

Something Italian singer and actress Lisa Fusco, whose stage name Subrettina, knows only too well.

After deploying her trademark jump splits on a number of TV appearances (which maybe tells us perhaps she’s maybe not promoting her work in the correct manner), this time, on an Italian talk show, it went tits/splits up.

A smile quickly turns to a grimace…take a look and feel the sympathy twinge in your groin…