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09th Apr 2015

Is this the WORST revenge prank ever?

Manchester mates get embroiled in a DIY tattoo prank-war...


With friends like this, who would need an enemy?

A man woke up after passing out at a party to find his friend had tattooed his back.

Josh Darnbrough, 24, from Manchester had passed out at a New Year’s Eve party at the start of this year when the practical joke happened.

His friend Rob Gaskell, also 24, inked the words ‘If found face down call an ambulance’ using a DIY tattoo kit.

(A DIY tattoo kit is NEVER a good idea, kids.)

Josh only realised he had a tattoo after looking in the mirror in the morning, the Manchester Evening News reports.

This rash prank was revenge for a tattoo Josh did on Rob’s leg two years ago – which had gone horribly wrong, as amateur tattoos often will.

Starting off with a design for a lizard that he promptly bodged, Josh tried to turn it into a cross, then some hands and a gun – leading to one almighty, permanent mess on Rob’s leg and causing his partner to go ‘bonkers’.

‘Bonkers’ is probably an understatement.

Fast forward to last New Year’s Eve: When Josh passed out at the party, Rob says he ‘couldn’t resist’ the opportunity to exact revenge – and spent 30 minutes etching his own design into his pal’s back.


Amazingly the prank hasn’t harmed the pair’s friendship –  who have been mates since childhood. The duo say they still see each other every day.

Josh has since had the rash tatt removed by a laser expert.

Rob told the MEN:

“I didn’t feel guilty when I was doing it because I’d had a few drinks myself but I was quite remorseful afterwards and asked everyone not to tell Josh who had done it.”

Support worker Josh, said: “I was pretty astonished when I looked in the mirror – I thought, ‘I didn’t go to bed with a tattoo’.

“It’s just practical jokes between mates.”

Can we not make DIY tattoo prank-wars a thing, please?

H/t: The Manchester Evening News