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23rd Feb 2018

Intimidating note left on disabled woman’s car as she went to pick up medication

Her father has shared the message on Facebook.

Kyle Picknell

The note called it a “selfish action”.

The father of a young disabled woman has taken to Facebook to share an anonymous note that was left on her car whilst she was out shopping with her mother.

Paige Tanner, 23, and her mother Julie had parked in the disable space at their local shopping centre before returning to find the aggressively worded note left on her windscreen, which not only assumed she was able bodied, but astonishingly threatened to report her for the “selfish action” of depriving a disabled person of somewhere to park.

Paige suffers from the chromosome disorder Tetrasomy 18p, which means she requires complete one to one attention and support throughout the day.

Turner, who holds a blue badge, was only out to pick up a few things – including medication – when she parked in the disabled bay.

The note reads:

“You will be reported for illegal use of a blue badge space.

“I witnessed you and your young able bodied daughter park the car at 13:10 on 19 Feb 2018 and walk towards the precinct with no signs of disability.

“This selfish action deprives a disabled person of somewhere to park.”

Alan Tanner, Paige’s father, has shared the message on Facebook and hopes for a public apology for the upset caused. He has also reminded people that you shouldn’t judge unless you know the full details of someone’s disability.