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19th Dec 2016

If you’ve ever sent a WhatsApp message you shouldn’t have, this is huge news

Tony Cuddihy

The feature we’ve always wanted, particularly if we’ve been on the beer.

WhatsApp could be set to allow users to revoke or edit sent messages.


If you use an iPhone, this could be an absolute game changer as Gadgets 360 reports that users will get a ‘revoke’ option on messages, which will mean you can delete them after they’ve been sent.

The option to revoke messages, when it comes into being, will likely only exist if the recipient has not yet seen the message (so be quick).

At the moment, users can delete messages but they remain visible to the recipient.

There will also be an option to edit messages. The feature is said to exist in WhatsApp’s iPhone beta version but is disabled by default, with users having to manually switch it on.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on the option to preview shared archive files, such as ZIP and RAR files.

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