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03rd Jan 2016

If you work in any of these jobs then you could be a psychopath

Paul Moore

Know anyone in these jobs?

Monday is going to be a stressful day because most of us are returning to work following the Christmas break and we really don’t blame you if you feel like venting or getting a little bit angry.

This being said, it seems that some people in certain professions might see their emotions get the better of them with more regularity than others.

Angry Teacher

If you happen to work with someone that always gets their way and has a complete lack of empathy then it’s very likely that they’re psychopaths, the good ones though as opposed to the Hannibal Lecter types.

Is there even such a thing as a ‘good psychopath’? Well, if your profession is on this list then we’re going to put you into that category!


This list was compiled by Statista and based upon studies using the Hare psychopath checklist. Using their criterion, psychopaths are categorised as having a lack of remorse, frequently committing destructive acts and an inability to feel empathy.

They’re also defined as impulsive, manipulative and sexually promiscuous.

While we always have some doubts over studies and lists like this one, it did give us a laugh to see a few familiar jobs here. Is your job one of them?

9) Civil servant


8) Chef


7) Clergyperson

Ted Brennan

6) Police Officer


5) Journalist


4) Surgeon

Turk Scrubs

3) Media personality


2) Lawyer

1) CEO