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21st Feb 2018

If you shared that the moon would turn green in April, delete your account

James Dawson

It comes after a ‘red moon’ appeared over Britain last summer.

In a bizarre turn of events that I’m just going to go ahead and write off as ‘the internet being the internet’, people are claiming the moon will turn green next month.

A meme that’s being doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook feeds up and down the country states: “On 20 April 2018, a Green Moon will appear in the sky, a rare event that only occurs every 420 years.”

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the meme is an illusion to cannabis… pot, da ganja.

It seems the whole thing initially began as a joke, before going so viral that people began taking it seriously. There are actually people out there right now eagerly looking forward to the moon turning green next month. Think about that.

It goes without saying that the claim is being made without any scientific basis, which to be fair makes sense as the same people sharing it are likely the same people who claim that weed straight up cures cancer (admittedly cannabinoid are increasingly being used as part of the overall treatment of a number of terminal illnesses. There’s a difference though.).

Anyway, the hoax has been thoroughly debunked on Snopes. So there you go guys, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.




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