Housing minister Robert Jenrick says you 'must have a vagina' to be a woman 6 months ago

Housing minister Robert Jenrick says you 'must have a vagina' to be a woman

Jenrick needs to crack open a book

Transgender people continue to be one of the most marginalised groups in the UK and on the planet. They are continually belittled by religious groups, online communities, the general public, and the government. The housing secretary Robert Jenrick, who frankly should stick to houses and flats, has supported Liz Truss, who previously made similar comments.


As the minister for women and equalities, which does include trans women, Liz Truss has continually rebuked the idea of reforming the Gender Recognition Act. Truss not only pushed this long-delayed motion back but also instigated other legislation that would make it increasingly difficult for Trans youth to access gender-related medicine. She claimed this was to 'protect them' from decisions they could make. Truss also agreed with University of Abertay student Lisa Keogh, who said that women have vaginas.

Jenrick appeared on Times radio and the following to say:

"I think there’s a matter of biology, of course, what is a woman.

"I mean absolutely, I agree with Liz Truss. That’s the point that she’s made in the past.


"Undoubtedly, of course, we want to ensure that those people who are trans can live their life comfortably.

"I want everyone to be able to live their life the way they want to and be happy and to find love wherever they can do.

"One does have to be aware of the impact on other people and that means we have to be particularly sensitive in terms of some of those settings that we as a government are responsible for like schools, like hospitals, like prisons.

"One has to tread carefully and think through all of the consequences of this for other members of society."


Despite there being an inherent danger in policies changing, the real consequence is the views and attitudes of the public. By feeding into an anti-trans rhetoric, a facade is created that depicts trans people like boogeymen who are out to destroy society.

Rather, here is the reality:

  • 83 per cent of trans youth have experienced verbal abuse
  • 60 per cent have experienced threats and intimidation
  • 35 per cent of trans young people have experienced physical assault
  • 48 per cent of trans people in Britain have attempted suicide at least once; 84 per cent have thought about it
  • 55 per cent have been diagnosed with depression at some point.

Now your response to this may be, "well, lots of people attempt suicide" or "lots of people have depression", and sadly, you would be right. However, trans people experience these issues solely because they are trans.

Trans people don't have an option not to be trans, but the government have a clear choice in front of them, and one they are choosing to brush beneath the carpet.