Hotel guests jeered out of pool after allegedly losing it over women kissing 1 year ago

Hotel guests jeered out of pool after allegedly losing it over women kissing


Pride month wouldn’t be complete without homophobic attacks towards people merely living their lives. It's sad but true. A gaggle of straight white women caused a stir at a cabana in Sacramento after seeing two queer Black women kissing in the pool.


The Black Bay area, a news outlet offering the perspectives of Black people in the Bay area, posted the following on Instagram to describe the incident.

“Of course, there were many other (straight/white) couples in the pool with plenty of PDA, but they only insisted that only Black queer woman stop. And we know why.”

“When confronted by bystanders, ‘the white party’ claimed there’s no way they were racist because one of them was “Hispanic.” Like you can’t be both.”


The video, attached below, features the group of women being escorted from the pool area by security. In the background, and presumably from the same person recording, you can hear chanting as the women leave.

‘Shame’ is the word repeated as they leave, much to the anger of the women. One of the first women to go, we shall call her Karen #1, was clad in a navy dress and an expression that could melt metal. She then leans towards the pool before shoving her middle finger in the faces of the swimmers.


But, this woman has nothing on her friend that follows. Having initially held off from engaging, Karen #2 becomes enraged as she passes the chanters. As who we presume to be her husband stands beside her, she continues to shout and scream. Despite previously being so concerned for the well-being of nearby kids, Karen #2 continues to scream and swear at the swimmers.

Having watched numerous videos where Queer people are victimised without justice, it was somewhat cathartic to watch the clan of Karens unravel as they left the pool.