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13th Dec 2017

Here’s what the UK was searching for the most on Google in 2017

Paul Moore


Have you ever been down the pub and had a conversation that started with Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry before segwaying into a brief chat about waterboarding Pink? Na, us neither.

Well, some people are curious about topics like that because Google has released the most popular trends, phrases, and questions that the UK has searched for throughout 2017. In terms of the most trending search, it’s no surprise to see that there’s massive interest in Meghan Markle – there must be loads of people that are curious about Suits. Yeah, that’s it.

The iPhone continues to dominate tech trends while some of the year’s biggest news stories like Hurrican Irma, the heinous Manchester bombing and the tragic events at Grenfell Tower feature.

Theresa May had a year to forget but it’s clear that Labour’s revival, the General Election, and the newly created government captivated the online audience.

In terms of entertainment, Netflix’s new drama 13 Reasons Why has clearly resonated with Britons while the tragic passing of Tom Petty and Chester Bennington made a massive global impact.

Regarding major football stories, the Confederations Cup is the event that people were the most curious about. Yep, it’s still not getting the love.

Bloody fidget spinners also feature prominently. Let fidget spinners die.

Here’s what the UK was searching for throughout 2017.

Google UK top trending searches of 2017:

1.Meghan Markle

2.iPhone 8

3.Hurricane Irma

4.Fidget spinner

5.Manchester bombing

6.Grenfell Tower

7.13 Reasons Why

8.Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

9.Shannon Matthews

10.iPhone X

Google UK top trending ‘What is…?’ queries of 2017:

1. What is a hung Parliament?

2. What is an exit poll?

3. What is the Confederations Cup?

4. What is Bitcoin?

5. What is the Antikythera mechanism?

6. What is a pangolin?

7. What is a general election?

8. What is waterboarding?

9. What is the DUP?

10. What is Pink’s real name?

Google’s global top trending searches of 2017:

1.Hurricane Irma

2.iPhone 8

3.iPhone X

4.Matt Lauer

5.Meghan Markle

6.13 Reasons Why

7.Tom Petty

8.Fidget Spinner

9.Chester Bennington

10.India National Cricket Team