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08th Feb 2016

Here’s how you can watch all your Snapchat stories from the last month

Tom Victor

For many of us, the best thing about Snapchat is that some of our more embarrassing snaps (and even more regrettable stories) can disappear into the ether, seemingly forever.

But sometimes we might want to be reminded of the last few weeks’ events, whether to relive great memories or piece together a particularly raucous few days.

Now it seems there’s an easy way to do just that, by saving a month’s worth of stories and watching them all in one go.

All you need to do, according to HollywoodLife, is sign up to and add ‘mysnapmemories0’ as a friend on Snapchat itself.

Once that’s all taken care of, you’ll be sent a round-up of your most recent stories at the end of every month – and it goes to you and you alone, so no need to worry about others being privy to stuff you’d rather they didn’t see.

We imagine this will prove popular.