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08th Nov 2015

Here’s how dangerous your own house can be when you come home drunk (Pic)

Carl Kinsella

If you can go out, get blind drunk and make it home without picking up even a minor injury then you’re living a charmed life.

The vast majority of us will wake up with cuts, scrapes and bruises – and it’s anyone’s guess where they’ve come from.

This map, designed by and America’s Consumer Product Safety Commission, tells you exactly whereabouts in your house you need to be most careful when you come home wasted.

house injuries

Unsurprisingly, the stairs are the trickiest part of your journey once you’ve made it through the front door. Bikes are also a hazard, accounting for 10.17% of homebound drunken injuries.

Of course, the floor is also pretty dangerous, causing 13% of injuries – sadly the floor simply cannot be avoided.

All in all, the message to take home is that you should drink responsibly – because pretty much everything your home is out to get you if you get drunk enough.