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12th Apr 2017

Here are the happiest and unhappiest places in the U.K to live

Paul Moore

Does your own county make the list?

Not to get too existential on you but the idea of happiness is a fairly abstract concept, this being said, the good people at the ONS have done their very best to find the happiest and unhappiest locations in the U.K.

This being said, is anyone ‘really’ happy?

Anyways, will the bustling streets of London come in first place? What about the tranquil settings of the English countryside? The seaside towns of Blackpool and Brighton might be more attractive to some. Looking outside of England’s borders, there’s some absolutely beautiful places in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Well, if you happen to live in Mid and East Antrim, it’s very likely that you’ve a smile on your face because residents of this area are the happiest in the U.K.

By using the criteria of life satisfaction, how worthwhile the things you do in your life are, happiness and anxiety, the study showed that the people of Mid and East Antrim are 8.39 on the happiness scale (if that even exists!)

Second in the list was followed by North Kevesten, East Midlands (8.31) and Mid Ulster (8.28).

Here’s the map of the happiest places in the UK.

Monty Python famously asked us to always look on the bright side of life. This being said, it’s harder to do if you happen to live in Corby.

In terms of the unhappiest places in the U.K, here’s the list of locations as revealed by Indy100.

Is your own county/area here?