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12th Oct 2016

Man live tweets epic 11-hour struggle to make a cup of tea with a Wi-Fi kettle

Teching the piss

Conor Heneghan

Brewing up a storm.

We’re all for the introduction of new technology that makes our lives even easier and lazier than they already are, but at some point, you have to shout stop.

After all, does the process of boiling a kettle – simply adding water to a container, flicking a switch and waiting – need to be made any easier than it already is?

We’re sure there are many advocates of Wi-Fi kettles and all power to them, but those who wish to remain faithful to the traditional model will no doubt take pleasure from the following tale.

Data specialist Mark Rittman wanted to start his day off with a cup of the good stuff on Tuesday morning, but soon encountered a problem that was going to take a lot longer to fix than he initially thought.

We’ll let Mark take up the story through his own Twitter account.

Some were sceptical about the existence of Mark’s device…

While others were happy to lend advice…

Mark kept at it, however, and eventually got there in the end…

Mark’s struggle got attention. A LOT of attention…

11 hours for a cup of tea? Imagine realising after all that there was no milk in the fridge.