Great news for anyone booking a summer holiday - prices are set to tumble 4 years ago

Great news for anyone booking a summer holiday - prices are set to tumble

Get booking those flights.

Whilst we bask in the very welcome May sunshine, it is the time of year when many of our thoughts turn to a summer break somewhere nice. The temperatures may be rising at home, but there's nothing quite like packing your bags for a trip to somewhere more exotic.

Of course, that involves the somewhat laborious chore of scouring various websites and holiday companies for the best deal. Money is always tight and it's worth shopping around for the best deal. But there's great news for anyone planning a nice foreign getaway.

Holiday app Hopper report that this year's deals will be the cheapest they've been in many years. They predict that the average cost of flights will be a whopping 12% cheaper than last year, and over 20% cheaper than they were in 2014.

In fact prices are already at lower seasonal levels than they’ve been since 2009. The reason for the big tumble in charges is due to the current low cost of jet fuel, and as there's such strong competition in the airline sector, the drop is directly reflected in ticket prices.


But in case you were wondering when the best time to book is, the stats tell us that on average, the price is cheapest when booking 54 days before a trip...but don't let that stop you if you find an absolute bargain!