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02nd Sep 2015

Fresher finds hilarious emergency uni stash behind panel wall (Pic)

This should get them started


Starting life in university can be a stressful time, but this new student had a secret helping hand from the old occupants of his new digs.

Once the panel wall in his new pad was removed, these gloriously random treats were unveiled.

Uni Panl stash

Yes, you are seeing correctly. Hidden within the wall was a Spongebob pen, a Rutter’s lighter, a set of keys and some handy protection.

Thankfully, a note was on hand to explain the contents:

‘Welcome to the best dorm room!… If you’re reading this you found out this compartment exists. Congratulations! Inside is a lighter (for whatever you may need it for), an awesome Spongebob pen, a condom, and two spare keys to the room.

THESE ARE A SECRET!!! Use these in case you lose your key (that shit costs mad money!) Make the most of your freshman year.’

Safe to say, this new student is going to be juuuust fine!

H/T Metro