Four-day UK swingers festival hit with noise complaints 10 months ago

Four-day UK swingers festival hit with noise complaints

Too much "thumping" results in noise complaints

The festival occurs near Cosby and Aisby in Lincolnshire, where attendees can enjoy the many staples of swinging culture. Activities include clay pigeon shooting, wet t-shirt contests, and adult bouncy castles.


Participants were not given the address of the venue until after tickets were bought, and it was mandatory to take a lateral flow test 48 hours before arriving at the event.


For those vanilla people out there who are unaware of what swinging is, then Urban Dictionary has a brilliant definition for you:

"A lifestyle of non-monogany where sexual relations occur outside the established couple. Swingers tend to refrain from romantic attachments with their outside partners, thus differentiating themselves from polyamorists. There is some overlap between the two communities, though the closeness of the comparisons are generally not acknowledged."

The four-day festival named Swingathon sold tickets for £200 per couple, but they also required to have three verifications on their Fabswingers profile. Local newspaper the Lincolnlite reported that multiple noise complaints were made, but get your mind out of the gutter as these were due to "thumping music" and not other things thumping.

“We received reports of noise complaints, but on an investigation, there was nothing ongoing. We haven’t received any reports of COVID breaches," said Lincolnshire police.


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Completely unrelated, if anyone is looking for a plus one to next years Swingathon, please hit me up. I am asking for a friend! I definitely think they could be in with a chance of winning the wet t-shirt contest, and I am sure they will be good at clay pigeon shooting as they are mint at GTA. Lastly, if anyone is aware of exactly what an 'adult bouncy castle' is, could you please let me know.