For some ungodly reason, Barack Obama has been on holiday with Richard Branson 5 years ago

For some ungodly reason, Barack Obama has been on holiday with Richard Branson

You've just finished an eight-year stint in the biggest job in the world. So what do you do afterwards?

Go on holiday with Richard Branson, obviously.


Former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle shot off from Washington (and who can blame them - have you seen the state of that place right now?) to go on vacation after Donald Trump took up residence in the White house.

The couple were spotted chilling out on Mosquito Island, with Barack sporting a most-presidential backwards baseball cap. But who's that sat next to him?


It's former fizzy cola salesman Sir Richard Branson. It was a little surprising to see, but kind of makes sense when you know that Branson owns the island.

But the Obamas did more than hang out on the Virgin boss' private island. The former Leader of the Free World and the man responsible for some of the most overpriced trains in Britain went kitesurfing, as you can see in a video Branson posted to his Facebook page.


So there's a couple of things to note here. First, upon an initial viewing of the picture of Branson playfully strangling Obama, we thought it was the old woman from Titanic. Second, Obama batters Branson in a kitesurfing contest, which is immensely satisfying and really the only acceptable outcome.

Finally, what the hell is Obama doing hanging out with Richard Branson? Of all the people he could have chosen to spend his vacation with, he chose the man who signed the Sex Pistols. He could have given Jay Z a call, or maybe gone skiing in Aspen with his buddy Joe, but apparently Mr Virgin Megastores was the man.

Commenting on the video, Branson said:

"One of the first stories Barack told me when he and Michelle arrived on Moskito Island was how, just before he became President, he had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii.

"When he came in from an exhilarating session, the new head of his security team turned to him and said: 'This will be the last time you surf for eight years.'

"For the next eight years he didn’t have the chance to surf, enjoy watersports or do many of the things he loved.

"So it was tremendous to offer him the chance to learn to kitesurf."


We're just glad Obama is having a nice time, because really, no one else is.


Feature: Jack Brockway / Virgin