We finally know how much the new Nokia 3310 will cost 5 years ago

We finally know how much the new Nokia 3310 will cost

One word: Affordable...

We recently heard the wonderful news that one of the best pieces of technology ever created would be revived at the end of this month.


Yes. You know what we're talking about. The Nokia 3310 is being relaunched.

The old blockia is getting a modern remake and will be available for nostalgic shoppers to purchase in the near future.

Only one question remained: how much would the new version of the phone cost? Can you put a price on ultra reliability, a tiny screen, years (not true) of battery life and the guarantee that you could run it over in your car and it would still be in perfect (not true) working order?


According to VentureBeat, which first reported on the phone's relaunch, the phone will retail for customers at €59 (£50). So it will be at an affordable price.

The 3310 is reported to be one of four Nokia handsets the Finnish company HMD Global will announce at an event later this month,

Will you be buying it?

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