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24th Mar 2023

Singing estate agent makes music videos to help sell properties

Steve Hopkins

‘The greatest property sales video in the world’

An estate agent has gone viral with a music video she made to help sell a five-bedroom Bedfordshire home.

The video was made in November 2022, but has resurfaced in recent days after being shared on social media. While it is hard to tell if the song has been a hit, as comments have been disabled, it has, however, clocked up 326 likes and been watched 129,000 times.

Rather than just a simple guided tour of the property, potential buyers are treated to a performance set to the theme song for classic 80s fantasy movie TheNeverending Story.

One person called it “the greatest property sales video in the world” while another wrote: “Brilliant. Putting in an offer now.”

Others may wish the song ends well before its 3.24 run-time.

According to a caption on the video, the house in The Laurels, near Leighton Buzzard, has some “stranger things happening to it”.

Buyers beware, I guess.

In the video the agent, Claire, announces “stranger things” have happened in the master bedroom. She does not elaborate.

The detached, five-bed, three-bathroom, “beautiful period home”, even has a dog-grooming business attached. The owners are looking for offers in excess of £700,000.

Anyway, back to the song.

The song begins with exterior shots of the property before the agent appears singing, “this old house. There’s so much to see.”

The clip is a classic MTV-Cribs walk-thru, beginning in the lounge where she makes reference to the beams.

Then things get hot. She mentions the heat pump and the solar panels.

In a somewhat unexpected turn, the viewer is then in the attached dog-grooming business, where, a dog looks a little terrified as the camera closes in on him,

“With its own small business, there is so much you can do,” the agent sings, before breaking into the chorus, “the never-ending property, ahhhhhh, the never-ending property, ahhhhh.”

Potential buyers then get a view of just how big the property is, as the agent drops a few more bars: “So much space. And every room is a dream. Dining room. Snug, games room and the kitchen. Maybe you’re a family with growing teenage kids. This home has lots of options to all watch your own Netflix.”

At this point, viewers see the dog has been released from the neck restraint and is relaxing on the couch, as the chorus hits again…. “ahhhhhhhh!”

Moving upstairs, the bedrooms and bathrooms are on display before the agent mentions the road outside, something that may deter some buyers.

“Don’t despair. Inside that isn’t clear,” she sings, as a person is seen sleeping under the covers.

Onto the master bedroom where “stranger things have happened”, before a tour of the garden, “so pretty with its flowers in bloom”.

“The never-ending property. Ahhhhh! The never-ending property. Ahhhhhhhhhh! The never-ending property. Ahhhhhhh! The never-ending property.”

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