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28th Sep 2022

Trolls left fake noose at Archie Battersbee’s grave, mum says

Charlie Herbert

Fake noose left at Archie Battersbee's grave mum says

Hollie Dance says she has been trolled for having a birthday party at her son’s grave as well

Archie Batterbee’s mother has said that trolls have been leaving sick items such as a fake noose at her son’s grave.

Hollie Dance said she has been “tormented” by online abuse following the 12-year-old’s passing and has also been trolled for having a birthday party at her son’s grave.

Archie died on August 6 when his life support was withdrawn following a long and protracted legal battle to extend his treatment.

Hollie found Archie unconscious at their home in Southend on April 7 and believes he had attempted an online viral challenge which involves people choking themselves until they pass out.

Doctors at Royal London Hospital declared him “brain-stem dead” and said he had suffered catastrophic brain injuries.

Hollie has now told how trolls have been leaving sick items at Archie’s grave after he was laid to rest on September 13.

They include a fake noose after some claimed the teen had attempted to take his own life, the Echo reports.

Hollie said: “We are 100 per cent being targeted and I have even had death threats.

“One of the worst things that has been done was somebody left a mock noose made out of plastic.

“They are absolutely tormenting the life out of us.”

She also told how people had complained to the local council about her and her family holding a birthday party at Archie’s grave.

Hollie had gathered with some family members for her birthday on Friday, but some members of the public complained to Southend Council about the family apparently partying to loud music.

Hollie explained that she simply had wanted to be with her son on the day, and has insisted it was a one-off.

She said: “There have been complaints that we were playing music, which we did not do at any point, and we have been accused of partying, eating and drinking.

“If you call a Starbucks coffee and a box of milk chocolates that somebody bought me for my birthday ‘partying’, then we are guilty. Otherwise it’s nonsense.”

Southend councillor Martin Terry, responsible for public protection, said: “We understand that people will always grieve in different ways when they lose a loved one.

“We would remind all families with loved ones in the cemetery of the conditions of when they purchased the plot, and to remind them that the cemetery is a public space that many people use to visit their loved ones, and as such we want to ensure that it remains respectful for all.”

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