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08th Nov 2015

Facebook is deleting and blocking all links to another social media site


acebook are blocking links to another social media site, it has emerged.

When users try and add a link to – a small incite-only social network – Facebook blocks the post, preventing it from appearing.

Furthermore, mentions on Facebook Messenger also don’t work, reports CNN.

But there may well be a valid reason for this. According to Mashable, Facebook are acting to prevent “spammy behaviour”.

Despite some assuming this is a move to block a potential rival, Facebook have explained their reasons for blocking links to the site.

facebook (1) is a social media site where users receive financial rewards for sharing content and because of this, its users were creating fake accounts to boost their pages.

Facebook users then reported the links as spam, violating the social network’s rules on spamming.

“We require all websites and apps that integrate with Facebook to follow our Platform Policy,” A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable.

“We do not allow developers to incentivise content sharing on our platform because it encourages spammy sharing and creates a bad experience for people on Facebook.”