Facebook has made a welcome improvement to the 'Year in Review' feature 4 years ago

Facebook has made a welcome improvement to the 'Year in Review' feature

Facebook have started rolling out the New Year treatment, with its annual ‘Year In Review’ tool for users.

With the simple click of a button, Facebook shows account users a short gallery of moments and clips from the last 12 months as you sign off 2015.

Only this year, Facebook don’t plan on bringing up any heartache, exes, or ‘unfriended’ faces into your round-up.

The social networking giant has applied filters to the app, so when you scroll through this year’s gallery you won’t be presented with posts or photos of memorialised accounts, ex-partners or photos of people you have since blocked.

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement:

“We heard feedback last year that we need to do more to select the photos that are most enjoyable to people and make it easier for them to edit the photos they see and share in their Year in Review.

“So we've applied a unique set of filters to Your Year in Review to reduce the chance we'll show you a photo you don't want to see. And for the photos that our algorithms don't catch, we're giving people control over the photos in their Year in Review.

“We know that people share a range of content on Facebook, and we want them to be able to create a Year in Review that accurately depicts their year, no matter what kind of memories they want to highlight.”