Eight traditional ways of celebrating St George's Day... 7 years ago

Eight traditional ways of celebrating St George's Day...

It's St George's Day! Hurrah!

A day to celebrate that time when that possibly Middle-Eastern fella stabbed that massive reptile thing or something!


But it's also a day to celebrate the fact that we're English! Apart from those of us who aren't! And enjoy doing English things! Like...well...these!

Matt Stanger:

  • Spend all day complaining about how the English don't celebrate St George's Day the same way the Irish celebrate St Patrick's Day.
  • Eat absurdly named dishes like 'toad in the hole' and 'bubble and squeak'.

Ben Kenyon:

  • Go and queue and then have a good British moan about the queue. Try and start a random queue yourself. Like a flash mob.
  • Buy a bottle of beer from every county in England and drink through them with your friends. Around England in 40 beers. Quiz questions optional. Do it with cheese if you don't drink.

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Nooruddean Choudry:

  • Every time your boss tries really hard to pronounce your name properly, smile politely and correct them. Even if they get it right. Just keep correcting them with slightly different pronunciations.
  • Take the p*ss out of Southerners. Take the p*ss out of Scousers. Take the p*ss out of Stockport. Rip the p*ss out of each other forever and never agree on anything as abstract as national identity.


Simon Lloyd:

  • Meet up with friends for a pint of beer in a (real) pub...then spend the rest of the night checking Twitter and barely speaking to one another.
  • Spend the night on Twitter...pretending you're barely speaking to friends you've met for a pint of beer in a (real) pub.

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