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20th Apr 2018

‘Eating Shyte’ is going viral for the most obvious reason

Paul Moore

Their website and slogans are hilarious.

Marketing agencies will like you believe that certain brands are synonymous with excellence and quality. Slogans like ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ and ‘Just Do It’ are positive, energetic and catchy, but when it comes to this chocolate brand, things have really gone to Shyte.

It’s easy to see why Irish people are loving this cheeky name because Shyte Chocolate have become the Internet’s latest sensation.

Apparently, this brand is 100% real and it stands for ‘seriously helps you to energise.’ Dear Shyte Chocolate owners, please promote the person that came up with your name.

As for the product, their website advertises protein chocolate in a variety of flavours, which can be bought in independent retailers in Ontario, Toronto and Alberta.

In fact, their official website states that they have “taken the finest quality cocoa sourced only from the Amazon Rain Forest and paired it perfectly with 100% New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate” to make Shyte. Yummy.

You have to give it to them because starting up any new business really can be a crapshoot but they’ve taken the initiative to squeeze out a name that’s never been dung before.

As for that hashtag, fair play to them

Does anyone else fancy eating some Shyte?