Dream job alert because an English brewing company will pay you to drink beer 4 years ago

Dream job alert because an English brewing company will pay you to drink beer

Anyone fancy a career change?

The Christmas season is approaching and if you're looking to earn a bit more cash and stay merry over the next few months, this position as a part-time professional beer taster should go down a treat.


London's Meantime Brewing Company in London is looking for someone that has "a passion for beer and taste buds that match." It's time to update your C.V because they've started taking applications.

The job description is as follows: "Meantime Brewing Company, the brewery behind modern beer staples London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red, are searching for part-time staff to join the company as official beer tasters. Beer tasters are key in helping Meantime perfect and launch new products around the world. A successful candidate will join the panel brewers as they taste, discuss and pass an opinion on a range of different beers."

If you detest working long hours, you'll be very happy to know that your expert beer tasting skills are only required for 3 hours per week. Hell, your remaining time can be spent in the pub. See, it's actually research for work.


If you think that this position is something that you would be interested in, here's what they're looking for;

  • A passionate beer lover who can provide honest and objective feedback on different beer styles
  • Tastebuds for detection and an expert knowledge of alcoholic beverages and the difference between beers and their ingredients. Do you know your Pale Ale from your IPA, chocolate malt from dark malt, Fuggles from Cascade hops?
  • A strong team player, who will be able to build relationships and work collaboratively with a team of other tasters and experts
  • Provide consistent, informed results and feedback

Required qualifications

  • A passion for beer and taste buds that match
  • An understanding of global consumer markets
  • A firm grasp of the English language
  • Versed in the terminology and vocabulary of beer

More information can be found here and if you need some preparation for the interview, we suggest a trip to the pub.