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13th Aug 2015

Dramatic armed siege ends with assault…and vinegar


A full-scale siege in Sheffield came to an end on Wednesday when the suspect gave himself up to police – eating a packet of crisps.

Armed officers with semi-automatic rifles were baffled to see the 26-year-old man – unarmed apart from a packet of Quavers – scampering out from his hideout wearing a pair of sunglasses and a cheeky smile.

He was immediately arrested – apparently ‘on suspicion of assisting offenders’ – but not before scoffing down the remainder of his delicious potato curls.

The incident occurred on High Street Lane in Sheffield, with the property was surrounded by armed police, mounted officers, the Force Crime Unit and even a police negotiator.

Officers cordoned off the area, whilst a police helicopter flew overhead. But when it came to the crunch, it was all for nothing. The frame-grilled steakout ended with the suspect giving himself up.

H/T The Star