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17th Nov 2016

21 moments that prove dogs really are a man’s best friend

All dogs are good dogs.

Mobile users: you may need to hit the play button, then tap the X in the top right corner to play these videos. 

1. Dogs are so unbelievably helpful


2. This one is helping shovel the snow


3. This one is helping pull up a tree root


4. This dog is helping with the laundry


5. This dog knows exactly which tool its master needs for the job


6. This one is bringing the paper in


7. This one is bringing the shopping in


8. Dogs are saviours – this one is rescuing its ‘drowning’ master


9. This dog genuinely saved its master’s life by preventing an armed robbery


10. This dog helps its owner to deal with Asperger’s


11. And this dog, this dog comforts terminally ill patients at a hospice

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

12. This dog fist bumps its owner every time they say ‘Sup’


13. This dog hasn’t seen its owner in ages, and look at the greeting it gives her


14. This dog won’t let anyone dance alone


15. This dog is an expert at catch – human catch


16. And this one can dunk a basketball better than most humans can


17. This dog can even catch lobsters – is there anything they can’t do?


18. This dog is a best friend to the kids


19. This dog would drive them to school if it had the proper insurance


20. And this good dog is meeting its hero, the big dog himself


21. Dogs are just brilliant, alright? Wonderfully, eternally, indispensably brilliant